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Are you looking for a Shopify partner, who can help you
convert your online store into a revenue-generating
machine (without burning a hole in your pocket)?

Yay! You have hit a jackpot.

Are you looking for a Shopify partner, who can help you convert your online store
into a revenue-generating machine?

Yay! You have hit a jackpot.

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0% upfront, 100% on delivery
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0% Upfront, 100%
on Deliver.

Being a new kid in town of freelancing (despite having 3+ years experience in Shopify), we understand it is difficult for a client to trust us with their store & money. So, we decided to go first. 0% upfront 100% on delivery is our gesture to the store owners that we trust you with everything and want to be your life long partner in taking your online business to the top

Also, it goes with our belief of doing great work and then get paid. So, what’s the harm :)

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Our Work.

We treat your business, like it’s our own.

Our Portoflio Site

This site is built on Shopify’s FREE Dawn theme. To compare the level of customizations here is a link to original theme. We aim to be one-stop-shop for anything related toShopify and you will be seeing many custom made solutions/sections build directly over Shopify.

Gadget Hackathon Winner

Experience the expertise of a Gadget Hackathon winner! I bring a winning mindset to custom app development. Let me create powerful, tailor-made apps that revolutionize your Shopify store. Elevate your online business with the expertise of an award-winning developer. Let's collaborate and take your Shopify store to new heights!

Services we offer.

We are a development focused Shopify company.

What we can do?
Design to Development. Figma/XD to shopify store.
Fix messy site builds and abandoned projects.
Provide you with ready-made custom solutions for shopify.
Development projects of all sizes:
Landing pages, gigantic builds, complex content structures, super technical requirements, whatever.
Adding animations or interactivity to your site.
Adding store analytics, fb pixels, tracking on your store.
Make your store mobile responsive & pixel-perfect on any device.
You want it? Bigside.Tech can make it happen in Shopify.
What we chose not to do?
Store branding and design.
Paid Marketing.

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